Bird Patch Club Pre-Paid Gift Subscription


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Birding Patch Club Pre-Paid Gift Subscription: Now you can give the gift of a birding patch club subscription with our newly-released patch every month at a discounted rate with discounted shipping in the U.S.

Choose 3, 6, or 12 month subscription.
Pre-pay and let us do the rest.

We all celebrate the thrill of spring and fall migrations, when birds from all over travel through our local birding patches. Now you can have a steady stream of colorful visitors year-round, by joining our Birding Patch Club. Every month, we'll send you our newest embroidered patch. Whether it's a familiar friend or a new species you'd like to add to your life list, each one is an emblem of our commitment to live in harmony with nature. Collect the entire series!

Bird Collective donates a portion of its profits to bird conservation groups. Learn about each bird and the organizations we support on the patch backing.

BILLING: This subscription is a one-time purchase and can not be cancelled or refunded. Patches ship monthly.
Note: If you would like to purchase more than one gift subscription to go to separate addresses, you will need to purchase in completely separate orders. Gift cards and coupon codes are not valid on any subscriptions.