Hummingbirds of the Caribbean Nalgene


Product Details

Add some zest to your daily routine with this acid green nalgene, inspired by the Caribbean Islands. It showcases some of the region's incredible endemic hummingbirds, including Antillean Crested Hummingbird, Blue-headed Hummingbird, Bahama Woodstar, Bee Hummingbird (the smallest hummingbird in the world!), Hispaniolan Mango, Puerto Rican Mango, Purple-throated Carib, and Red-billed Streamertail. Ta-da!

This collection celebrates BirdsCaribbean, a nonprofit organization committed to studying and conserving birds and their habitats throughout the Caribbean.

32 oz. wide mouth bottle.

Made with 50% recycled content.

BPA/BPS and phthalate-free, dishwasher safe. 

Made in the USA.


Bird Collective raises awareness about native birds and helps fund projects to conserve them.Learn More.