Vultures T-shirt


About This Product

This tee features a Turkey Vulture picking the bones of a large carcass clean, it's gnarled red head gleaming in the setting sun, as Black Vultures ride thermals in the sky beyond. Want to pump up the volume on vulture culture? This knob goes to 11. 

Vultures play an important role in ecosystems by quickly removing carcasses and limiting the spread of disease. Show your love for nature's clean up crew!

We commissioned illustrator Raphael Tanghal for this epic piece.  Check out more of his work at

The design celebrates HawkWatch International, a non-profit that monitors and safeguards the long-term health of raptors. Bird Collective donates a portion of its profits to HawkWatch International and other bird conservation groups.

Unisex fit

100% heavyweight garment-dyed cotton.

Hand screened in Brooklyn