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Hard to see but easy to hear, the Eastern Whip-poor-will is a cryptically-patterned nocturnal bird, whose namesake call punctuates summer nights in eastern forests.

This beautiful tee, illustrated by Mississippi-based artist Rebecca Browning, tells a story about their lifecycle. They breed in forests close to clearings, where they hunt for insects in dim post-sunset and pre-dawn light. When the moon is bright enough, they can hunt all night. The female usually lays her 2-egg clutch directly on the ground amidst fallen leaves, timed to hatch about 10 days before the full moon—when the window for foraging is longest.

This design celebrates American Bird Conservancy, a nonprofit organization dedicated to conserving wild birds and their habitats throughout the Americas. In the Appalachians, ABC leads a partnership of more than 50 groups working across 100 million acres to restore and sustain habitat for birds in the greatest need of conservation attention.

100% heavyweight garment-dyed cotton.

Printed in Brooklyn with PVC-free inks.

Unisex Fit.