The Birdsong Project Bandana


About This Product

Accessorize anything with this songbird inspired bandana.

Bird Collective is collaborating with the National Audubon Society and The Birdsong Project on this collection, which celebrates the joy birds bring to our lives and calls attention to the message they have for us about the environmental threats we all face. Bird Collective supports the National Audubon Society, a nonprofit conservation organization dedicated to protecting birds and the places they need, today and tomorrow.

This collection features the artwork of Sabrina Bosco, an artist based in New York who also created one of the album covers of For The Birds: The Birdsong Project.

This bandana has a selvage edge on one side which is frayed for aesthetic purposes. A selvage's self-finished edge makes sure that this fraying won't come undone and affect or damage the rest of your fabric.

  • Top-quality cotton cambric fabric milled in Japan
  • Made in USA
  • Hand sewn, hemmed edges on 3 sides, 4th edge is selvage.  Just like they used to make them!
  • Colorfast fiber-reactive dye
  • 21"x21"