California Condor Enamel Pin


About This Product

This shiny silver enamel pin of a soaring California Condor celebrates the critically-endangered apex scavenger and serves as a reminder of how important it is to keep nature’s balance intact. As part of nature’s clean-up crew, California Condors help remove carrion from the landscape. With their powerful bills they open large, tough-hided carcasses that would be otherwise unavailable to smaller scavengers, speeding up the recycling of nutrients while also helping to reduce disease transmission.  

The Yurok Tribe in northwest California has been leading a broad partnership for more than a decade to bring the California Condor back to their ancestral land around the Klamath River and the surrounding region. Condors--prey-go-neesh in Yurok--occupy an important place in Yurok culture.

Bird Collective supports the Yurok Condor Restoration Program’s ongoing work, and donates a portion of its profits to the Tribe and other bird conservation groups.

2" wide x 0.6" tall

Shiny silver hard enamel pin with black rubber clutch backing attachment.

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