Loons of North America Woven Blanket


50x60 inch50x60 inch
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Wrap yourself in natural splendor with our Loons of North America woven blanket. This finely crafted piece captures these iconic birds, celebrated for their haunting calls and striking presence on northern waters. Each loon is depicted with attention to detail, from the checkered back to the stark white underbelly, set against a rich green backdrop that evokes the fresh, pine-scented air of a forest lake.

Sized at a generous 50x60 inches, the blanket is 100% cotton weave, ensuring a soft, warm touch that mirrors the comfort of a secluded lakeside retreat. 

Fringed edges provide a rustic yet refined edge to the blanket, complementing the earthy tones and the vibrant greens that reflect the birds' natural habitat. Whether used as a throw, a picnic blanket, or a wall hanging, this 'Loons of North America' blanket is a tribute to the untamed elegance of the continent's wildlife.

Made in the US

100% Cotton, 50x60 inches

Machine wash in cold water. Mild detergent. Gentle cycle. Do not bleach or wring.

Blankets ship separately and may take a little longer than other items to process.