Sibley Backyard Birding Flashcards, Revised and Updated


Product Details
A beautifully illustrated, fully revised and updated flashcard deck for birdwatchers at every level from leading ornithologist David Sibley.
This new edition of David Allen Sibley's popular flashcard deck is a perfect knowledge builder and outdoor companion for birders from beginner to expert. Where the original version's 100 flashcards includes species found mainly in Eastern and Western regions, and those found across North America, this new edition now includes a more diversified list with more sea bird species. The updated package offers vibrant new art, text and range maps drawn from Sibley Birds of North America Second Edition. Incredible full color paintings, vibrant range maps, and descriptive text are drawn from The Sibley Guide to Birds, Second Edition.

The face of each card shows two images of the bird—either male/female, juvenile/adult, or summer/winter depending on the degree of differentiation, with key identifying characteristics called out. The other side shows the bird’s popular name, Latin name, physical data, song, habitat, and a map showing migratory patterns. Take them on a country walk or camping trip, or just flash them at home—there's no better way to learn your birds.

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