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donated and counting

$25,700 to conserve grasslands in upstate New York for the likes of Short-eared Owls and other threatened birds.

$14,700 to create early-successional habitat for Golden-winged Warblers and the formerly-endangered Kirtland's Warbler in the Great Lakes region. 

Over $14,100 to support conservation in the American South and bring the economic and environmental benefits of bird-based ecotourism to the Black Belt Region.

Over $9,400 to support diversity and inclusion in the birding world.

$5,200 to support the restoration of California Condors to the Yurok Tribe's ancestral territory in the Pacific Northwest.

Over $13,700 to monitor and safeguard the long-term health of raptors worldwide.

Over $3,600 to support the study of finches and their habitats globally.

Over $3,900 to make New York City and other urban areas safer for nesting and migrating birds.

$8,500 to help protect and create wetlands for migratory birds in the Mississippi Delta region.

Over $5,400 to help conserve and protect threatened Southwestern ecosystems, including the Sonoran Desert, San Pedro River, and Sky Islands.

Over $3,900 to support educational and cultural programming that celebrates native birds, highlights the threats they face, and promotes their science-based conservation.

Over $6,200 to help restore and sustain forest habitat for birds in the greatest need of conservation in the Appalachian region.

$2,500 to study and conserve birds and their habitats throughout the Caribbean.

Over $4,000 and 56 pairs of new binoculars purchased for groups in need, with the majority going to youth in underserved communities.

Groups We've Worked With

Finch Research Network
Delta Wind Birds
Grassland Bird Trust
Brave Trails
Feminist Bird Club
Birds Caribbean

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