Hummingbirds of the Caribbean T-Shirt


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Our Caribbean hummingbirds tee, featuring artwork by Jeffrey Burke, showcases some of the incredible endemic birds of the islands. Can you spot the world's smallest bird? It's the Bee Hummingbird (middle row, far left), which can only be found living in Cuba. Take it--along with the Antillean Crested Hummingbird, the Blue-headed Hummingbird, the Bahama Woodstar, the Hispaniolan Mango, the Puerto Rican Mango, the Purple-throated Carib, the Red-billed Streamertail, and the Puerto Rican Mango--on your daily adventures with this tie dye tee. 

Each batch of tie dye is hand done and produces a range of variations which makes each one unique. What you will receive will be close to what is pictured but there may be variations in color and intensity and pattern.

This collection celebrates BirdsCaribbean, a nonprofit organization committed to studying and conserving birds and their habitats throughout the Caribbean.

100% cotton.

Screen printed in Brooklyn, dyed in the USA.