Black Skimmer Patch


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#10 Black Skimmer

The unmistakable Black Skimmer gets its name from its unique manner of feeding. They fly low over waves, with their longer lower mandible knifing through the water and snapping shut once it finds a fish. They’re agile flyers, and in groups often turn and glide in harmony.

Skimmers lay their eggs directly on the beach, which makes them vulnerable to human disturbance, predation, and weather. In New York State, where only three nesting colonies remain, NYC Audubon is working with city and state agencies to protect their breeding habitat  and band chicks every summer.

This patch celebrates NYC Audubon's work to protect beach-nesting birds like the Black Skimmer in urban areas, where cohabitation between humans and wildlife is vital.

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All embroidered bird patches have an iron-on backing, but the adhesive is temporary. For durability, we recommend sewing or using a permanent, flexible fabric glue.

Dimensions: 2.4" wide x 1.25" high

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