Bobolink Patch


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#6 Bobolink

The bubbling, R2D2-like song of the male Bobolink flutters out of hayfields and meadows in the spring and summer. In the fall, the male sheds its tuxedoed appearance and wears the striped brown plumage of the female. Heading south in migration, they will often stop to feed in rice fields. 

Their preferred breeding areas of natural prairies and grasslands have become scarce. Bird Collective supports the Grassland Bird Trust (GBT)a non-profit working to safeguard important and threatened habitats for these birds.

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All embroidered bird patches have an iron-on backing, but the adhesive is temporary. For durability, we recommend sewing or using a permanent, flexible fabric glue.

Dimensions: 1.6" wide x 2" high 

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