At Bird Collective, we only work with suppliers that are transparent about their processes and also strive to promote safe, lawful, humane, and ethical manufacturing.

Where are your t-shirts made?

All of our apparel is designed, dyed and cut in Los Angeles and and then sewn in South America. All of the facilities are WRAP certified.

What Principles Does the WRAP Certification Include?

  • Human resources management
  • Health and safety standards
  • Environmental and eco-friendly practices
  • Legal compliance including import/export, customs compliance and security standards

What about the environment?

Water Reduction

Our apparel supplier uses newer, more efficient dye machines, using 7x less water than the clothing industry average to save 24 million gallons a week. Any water used goes through a filtration system that allows it to be recycled. The little waste wastewater generated goes to a state-of the art water reclamation plant in L.A. The California Environmental Protection Agency, or “EPA”, is the strictest in the world. Due to the EPA’s high level of oversight and regulation, no harmful chemicals are released back into our ecosystem. Dye houses and treatment plants like the ones we use in L.A. are almost nonexistent where many manufacturers dye their fabric. 

Energy Reduction

Our supplier uses solar energy to power sewing and cutting facilities, motion-sensor LED lighting and skylights throughout each building, and electric car charging stations to encourage employees to go green.

Virtually Zero Waste

Our manufacturer's facilities and L.A headquarters send almost nothing to landfills because they recycle almost everything that cannot be turned into a tee. They have optimized their cutting to reduce plastic use, and excess fabric is repurposed into a number of things, such as baby bibs and stuffing for upholstery. Let nothing go to waste!


Our apparel is printed locally in Brooklyn using water-based PVC free inks whenever possible.

Vintage & Upcycled

Who doesn't love a one-of-a-kind vintage find? At Bird Collective we hunt for vintage tees to bring you a curated collection of unique and rare finds. By buying a vintage item, you're giving it a second life and saving it from the landfill.   


Most of our packaging materials are recyclable and/or biodegradable. Our kraft tubes are made from 70-100% post-consumer recycled content and 0-30% secondary recycled content. Read more about how to compost our mailers here.

Going Forward

We still have work to do. We hope to move to even more eco-friendly practices like all sustainable fabrics and shipping in the near future. Stay tuned!