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Boat-tailed Grackle Patch


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#27 Boat-tailed Grackle

This glossy blackbird is a fixture of the Gulf and Atlantic coasts, from saltwater marshes to beachside restaurants where it scavenges for leftovers. Until the 1970s, the Boat-tailed Grackle was considered to be the same species as the Great-tailed Grackle, with which it overlaps in Texas and Louisiana, but its coastal range has moved northward following human development.

This patch is part of our collection supporting Black Birders Week. Bird Collective donates to BlackAFinSTEM, the host of the annual festival, as it celebrates Black experiences in science, technology, engineering and mathematics and works to make outdoor recreation safe and accessible.

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All embroidered bird patches have an iron-on backing, but the adhesive is temporary. For durability, we recommend sewing or using a permanent, flexible fabric glue.

Dimensions: 2.7" wide x 1.75" high

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