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I'm With The Birds Tote Bag


Product Details

This charming tote features 14 species of migrating birds, many of which are readily seen during spring and fall migrations. Migrating birds need all the help they can get on their dangerous journeys, so share the message that you're with the birds!

What can you do to help? Turn out your lights at night, because most birds migrate nocturnally, and artificial light attracts and confuses them. Also make your windows are bird-safe, because birds can't see glass and many die from building collisions. Learn more here.

  • Materials & Dimensions

    12.0 oz., 100% heavy cotton canvas.
    14"W x 17"H x 7" Gusset (Bottom)

  • More Details

    We commissioned artist and illustrator Matt Panuska for this design.

    Bird Collective donates a portion of its profits to bird conservation groups that work to protect birds and their habitats. Read about
    our contribution.

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Bird Collective raises awareness about native birds and helps fund projects to conserve them.Learn More.