Artist Profile: Halsey Berryman - Bird Collective

Artist Profile: Halsey Berryman

Halsey Berryman is a multidisciplinary illustrator and lettering artist from Washington, DC. Her studio practice often revolves around the topics of social justice and wildlife, and how these subjects can be combined to create compelling narratives while highlighting the importance of nature and biodiversity. 

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Artist Profile: Latasha Greene - Bird Collective

Artist Profile: Latasha Greene

Latasha Greene is a multifaceted illustrator whose work is deeply inspired by her love of nature. Through her work she hopes to spark a love and respect for the outdoors, and remind us to slow down and pay attention to the little details. 

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Artist Profile: Matt Panuska - Bird Collective

Artist Profile: Matt Panuska

Matt Panuska is an artist and illustrator living in Asheville, North Carolina, originally from west Texas. He makes drawings, paintings, objects, and wood carvings.

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Artist Profile: Bird Warde - Bird Collective

Artist Profile: Bird Warde

Bird Warde is a queer illustrator from Maine with a passion for wildlife art. They spend their professional time running their shop Camp Mustelid and working on nature-based illustration projects. Outside of that they can be found pouring hours into birding and trekking nature trails.

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Meet the HawkWatch Crew at Bonney Butte - Bird Collective

Meet the HawkWatch Crew at Bonney Butte

The 29th season of long-term raptor monitoring at Bonney Butte just finished. Meet some of the team, whose hard work counting and banding raptors helps us understand raptor population trends. 

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Artist Profile: Erikas Chesonis - Bird Collective

Artist Profile: Erikas Chesonis

Erikas Chesonis is a Texas-based illustrator. Inspired by mid-century design and folk art, he uses simple color palettes and shapes to distill nature into its basic forms and portray it in a unique and colorful way.

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Artist Profile: Emily Lumsdaine - Bird Collective

Artist Profile: Emily Lumsdaine

Emily Lumsdaine is a vegan tattooer, wildlife rehabilitator, and self-taught artist based in Seattle, WA. Endlessly inspired by nature, she has degrees in biology and avian sciences, and loves to draw flowers, fish and birds.

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Artist Profile: Serena Dominguez - Bird Collective

Artist Profile: Serena Dominguez

Serena Dominguez is an illustrator and visual artist from Miami now living in Brooklyn. She works in a variety of mediums ranging from textiles to drawings, and delights in fine details. A lifelong birder, she also loves dancing, cooking, and spending time with her cat, Merlin.

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Artist Profile: Sayada Ramdial - Bird Collective

Artist Profile: Sayada Ramdial

Sayada Ramdial is a freelance illustrator from Trinidad & Tobago, now living in the Pacific Northwest. When she’s not working on children’s books or other illustrations, she enjoys cooking, baking, tending the garden, and hanging out with her cat, Cardamom.

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