Artist Profile: David Huang - Bird Collective

Artist Profile: David Huang

David is a New York based illustrator and Designer who grew up in Taipei, Taiwan and calls San Francisco his second home. When he isn't illustrating, he enjoys taking the subway to try foods, dancing on the weekends, learning new languages, and searching for random historical facts on wikipedia.

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Artist Profile: Dominique Ramsey - Bird Collective

Artist Profile: Dominique Ramsey

Dominique Ramsey is an Illustrator and designer from North Carolina. She strives for uniqueness using bright colors, cultural patterns, and shapes to catch the viewer’s eye. Her biggest inspirations come from folk art, textiles, and spiritualism of many cultures from around the world.

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Black Birders Week 2022 - Bird Collective

Black Birders Week 2022

Black Birders Week is back, and we’re collaborating again with the BlackAFinSTEM Collective to support and showcase Black birders, nature-lovers, and conservationists around the world. This year’s program runs from Sunday, May 29 through Saturday, June 4, 2022, and includes events, educational activities, and opportunities to connect across different platforms and places.

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Artist Profile: Rebecca Browning

Artist Profile: Rebecca Browning

Rebecca Browning is a Mississippi-based printmaker and pastel artist who taught for 30 years in her state’s public schools. A lifelong learner, she draws inspiration from the natural world, where the creeks, country meadows and stately gardens reveal the interconnection that all living species share.

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Meet the Birder: Tom Stephenson - Bird Collective

Meet the Birder: Tom Stephenson

We caught up with Tom Stephenson, expert birder and co-author of The Warbler Guide. Tom has lectured and written on subjects ranging from bird vocalizations to photography and has guided trips on multiple continents. A musician, he worked with several Grammy and Academy Award winning artists throughout his career, and was the Director of Technology at Roland Corporation.

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Artist Profile: Ananya Rao-Middleton - Bird Collective

Artist Profile: Ananya Rao-Middleton

Ananya Rao-Middleton is a disabled illustrator and activist who survived a traumatic brain injury and is currently living with multiple sclerosis and several other hidden disabilities. Through her artwork she hopes to create a sense of validation and belonging by reflecting the lived experiences of disabled people.

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Meet Outside Clothes - Bird Collective

Meet Outside Clothes

For our HawkWatch International collection photoshoot, we worked with two New York City denizens who thrive on outdoor culture: Mikey and Eyeris. Together they started Outside Clothes, an Instagram-based collection of stories about New Yorkers who love being outside.

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Artist Profile: Andrew Meiborg - Bird Collective

Artist Profile: Andrew Meiborg

Andrew Meiborg is a wildlife technician who has worked on projects from California to Florida focused on diurnal raptors, owls, and songbirds. He’s been part of the HawkWatch International seasonal team since 2018, counting hawks at Chelan Ridge, the Goshute Mountains, and the Grand Canyon.

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Meet the HawkWatch Crew - Bird Collective

Meet the HawkWatch Crew

This fall’s raptor migration is in the home stretch in the western U.S., where HawkWatch International has been running seven count sites in seven states, from Washington to Texas. We’d like to introduce some of the team from Wyoming’s Commissary Ridge.

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Meet the Birder: Dave Mull - Bird Collective

Meet the Birder: Dave Mull

Meet Dave Mull, aka skatebirder. A skateboarder for 22 years, and a birder for 11, Mull grew up in Vermont and now lives in Los Angeles, where he jumps out of trees with his skateboard and climbs trees to watch birds.

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