Artist Profile: Stacie Balkaran - Bird Collective

Artist Profile: Stacie Balkaran

Stacie Balkaran is a Trinidadian-American illustrator, designer and creative communicator living in Washington, D.C. They love cooking, kayaking with their dog Potato Chip, writing and, of course, birdwatching. They hold a Master of Public Health degree.

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Artist Profile: Lacy Martin - Bird Collective

Artist Profile: Lacy Martin

Lacy Martin is a Connecticut-based artist, graphic designer and farmer. Inspired by the details of nature and metaphorical thinking, she seeks to create artwork that sparks curiosity through balance, color, depth and texture.

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Meet JCR WORK - Bird Collective


Over this past holiday season, we teamed up with JCR WORK to create a series of backyard bird mobile kits that were the perfect size for tree ornaments. In the process, we got to know Julio, the man behind JCR.

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Meet the Birder: Sam DeJarnett - Bird Collective

Meet the Birder: Sam DeJarnett

Sam DeJarnett is a birder of four years and the creator/host of the Always Be Birdin’ Podcast, a podcast that provides platforms for Black and non-Black people of color who are birders and conservationists. Read more about Sam and her birding philosophy in our latest blog.

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Artist Profile: Jenna Tomasello - Bird Collective

Artist Profile: Jenna Tomasello

Jenna Tomasello is an artist, mother, and gardener based in Tucson, AZ. She specializes in mural and scenic painting and designs bandanas and stationery. Her illustrations of flora, fauna, and the sky above span magical and physical realms, combining themes of nature, myth, season, and time.

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Meet Tone Customs - Bird Collective

Meet Tone Customs

We’re birders, yes! But does that mean we have to sacrifice style for comfort? Hell no! We love our gear, and we love to look good while schlepping it around in the field. That’s why we teamed up with Tone Customs to create a series of binocular straps that combine utility and style. And along the way, we got to know Tone, the man behind the magic who hand crafted each strap.

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Artist Profile: Sabrina Bosco - Bird Collective

Artist Profile: Sabrina Bosco

Sabrina Bosco is an artist who lives in New York and created the artwork for our Birdsong Project collection. She enjoys making art, listening to music, going to the beach, and being with loved ones. She says she’s inspired by the harmony one finds in nature, and the essential role birds play in that balance. “The planet belongs to us as much as it belongs to every other animal,” she told us.

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Artist Profile: Zaine Vaun - Bird Collective

Artist Profile: Zaine Vaun

Zaine Vaun is an illustrator, graphic designer, and artist in Austin, Texas. She finds inspiration in the beauty of the natural world and feelings of nostalgia. 

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The Birdsong Project - Bird Collective

The Birdsong Project

Birds are some of the greatest musicians, and, believe it or not, their mastery takes practice. Nearly half of the world’s 10,000 bird species are songbirds, and their rich and complex songs are learned, performed using a specialized voice box only they possess. A whole lot of people began listening to them in 2020, when the normal roar of daily life turned quiet; the birds, in a world of their own, never quit singing. It wasn’t hard to also hear the message they have been sending for years: that they are in serious decline worldwide and need our help.


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Meet the Birder: Indigo Goodson - Bird Collective

Meet the Birder: Indigo Goodson

Indigo Goodson is a writer, educator, poet, and birder living in Brooklyn, New York. She grew up in Hayward, California and has always loved the outdoors. She holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in Africana Studies from San Francisco State University and a Master of Arts in International Studies from Ohio University. Indigo’s an active member of various online birding communities, and you can follow her @IndigoIndaflow. She’s also a regular model for Bird Collective.

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