Rediscovering NARBA - Bird Collective

Rediscovering NARBA

Pam Morrice remembers the first week of 1985, when the North American Rare Bird Alert, or NARBA, got off to a great start. On its second day in business, the new rare-bird news service was contacted about a Eurasian bean goose seen at Nebraska’s DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge. NARBA issued one of its first alerts, birders across the country mobilized to go see the goose, and the New York Times reported the event in a roundup of national news. Birding – and this fledgling service – were on the map.

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Artist Profile: Jada Fitch - Bird Collective

Artist Profile: Jada Fitch

Meet the artist behind our Finch Research Network collection. Jada Fitch is an illustrator living in Addison, Maine. Her work can be found everywhere from bookshops to nature trails. She frequently works with Maine Audubon, Liberty Graphics, park foundations, publishers and magazines.

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Artist Profile: Raphael Tanghal - Bird Collective

Artist Profile: Raphael Tanghal

Raphael Tanghal is an illustrator based in Brooklyn, New York. Taking inspiration from his childhood comic books and cartoons, Raphael aims to celebrate the randomness of youth culture with detailed and colorful illustrations.

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Artist Profile: Sophie McVicar - Bird Collective

Artist Profile: Sophie McVicar

Sophie McVicar is a freelance illustrator and artist located in Birmingham, Alabama. Her works take inspiration from her background in chemistry, religious iconography, and the rich history of naturalist paintings and scientific illustration.

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Artist Profile: Wyatt Hersey - Bird Collective

Artist Profile: Wyatt Hersey

Wyatt Hersey is an illustrator, painter, and muralist based in Chico, CA. He combines his fascination with humans' connection to land with a love of contemporary illustration and folk art from around the world. His work bursts with a simplified but powerful color palette and celebrates the beauty of the life of earthlings.

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Artist Profile: Aimee Lusty - Bird Collective

Artist Profile: Aimee Lusty

We commissioned Brooklyn artist and naturalist Aimee Lusty to design a shirt inspired by NYC Audubon’s conservation efforts for birds that raise their young at our city beaches.

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Grassland Bird Trust 100% Wool Hats - Bird Collective

Grassland Bird Trust 100% Wool Hats

They're 100% wool and 100% Washington County! We sourced the wool from Crazy Legs Farm, which borders the Fort Edward Grasslands IBA and practices sustainable land management. And Battenkill Fibers, a carding and spinning mill in nearby Greenwich, turned it into yarn.

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