Meet the Birder: Dave Mull - Bird Collective

Meet the Birder: Dave Mull

Meet Dave Mull, aka skatebirder. A skateboarder for 22 years, and a birder for 11, Mull grew up in Vermont and now lives in Los Angeles, where he jumps out of trees with his skateboard and climbs trees to watch birds.

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Artist Profile: Jeffrey Burke - Bird Collective

Artist Profile: Jeffrey Burke

Jeffrey Burke is an illustrator and designer at Go Easy Co. He’s passionate about creating art that reflects the desert and all who call it home.

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As birders, we can appreciate diversity in nature—birds of every shape, size and color inhabit the world in different ways, each adapted to their own niche. Now, we’re celebrating the different ways people of different abilities bird through a new partnership with Birdability.

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Meet the Birder: Sheridan Alford - Bird Collective

Meet the Birder: Sheridan Alford

Sheridan Alford is an environmental educator with a recently completed Masters of Natural Resources in Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management from the University of Georgia.

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Artist Profile: Trevor Hook - Bird Collective

Artist Profile: Trevor Hook

Trevor Hook is a graphic designer and woodworker from the southern Oregon coast. His work blends nature with modern ideas and techniques. Handcrafted images merge with vector illustrations.

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Artist Profile: Mahlija Florendo - Bird Collective

Artist Profile: Mahlija Florendo

Mahlija Florendo is an Indigenous Artist painting and handcrafting pieces based on her traditional homelands rooted in the Indigenous Tribes of Northern California and Oregon. Her work inspired by the Indigenous people and their fight for Indigenous Sovereignty, including social justice and the environment.

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Meet the Birder: Ryan Moritz - Bird Collective

Meet the Birder: Ryan Moritz

Ryan Moritz is a composer and filmmaker, enthusiastic citizen scientist, and lover of birds. His recent work focuses on birds, and the importance of biodiversity to ecological and planetary health. In 2019 he was commissioned by the New York City Audubon Society to create Important Bird Opera.

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Artist Profile: Greg Kozatek - Bird Collective

Artist Profile: Greg Kozatek

Greg Kozatek a freelance designer and art director based in New York. As studio director at Todd Oldham Studio, he has specialized in creating art products that encourage kids to unleash their creativity.

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Show Me Your Colors! - Bird Collective

Show Me Your Colors!

Join us in celebrating Pride Month this June! We commissioned artwork from Greg Kozatek, an NYC-based designer and founder of the InQueery, who was inspired by the rainbow of colors found in the Purple Gallinule. This striking, conically-billed and long-legged marsh bird can be found foraging along freshwater edges.

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Artist Profile: Liz Wahid - Bird Collective

Artist Profile: Liz Wahid

Liz Wahid is a Certified Science Illustrator who focuses primarily on ornithological illustrations. Her background is in fine art, wildlife conservation, and the care of captive raptors constantly inspire her work.

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